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Online Audio Mastering Services

It doesn't matter if you record in a commercial studio or at home using tools like Cubase, ProTools, Acid, Sonar or GarageBand - we guarantee your music will sound its best.

Our trained ears and 15 years of experience can make all the difference. Hear what we can do for your music.

Get started and upload a song today.

Artists Are #1


At Hifi Mastering Online each and every song is carefully evaluated on its own artistic merits and mastered accordingly... no cookie-cutter processing or presets. We welcome all your ideas, input and feedback - and we respect your artistic integrity.

Whether you are a producer planning a major CD release, a musician selling 7” vinyl at shows or just uploading your single for sale on iTunes - we promise to give you the individual attention you deserve.

 After all, it's your music.

Feel free to contact us anytime to talk about your mastering project.

Great Sound - Guaranteed

Our policy is simple: If you are not completely satisfied with your mastered music, you pay nothing.

Free Samples of Your Music

Instead of posting "before and after" mastering samples of other artists material, we make it easy to upload your songs and hear a sample of your mastered music - for free.

We're Here to Help

Friendly technical advice is always free. Before we master your music, we'll make sure your original mixes are up to the task. If we find any problems or glitches that require a remix, we'll give you a detailed analysis of the problem and suggestions for fixing it - no charge.

ReMix Protection

If for any reason you need to remix a song, we will happily master your track again at no additional charge. This simple service has made all the difference for many of our clients.

Free Sample

Free Sample

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